Wrinkle reducing injections:

These fall into two main types:


Dermal fillers

There are many types of fillers – broadly speaking these are injected into the skin to fill creases and support the skin to reduce the appearance of deeper lines. .

The products that we use contain Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) – a synthetic filler designed to be near identical to the hyaluronic acid found in our skin with a few subtle, but important, alterations from human hyaluronic acid which slow down the breakdown process (Natural hyaluronic acid is turned over very rapidly in the skin so would disappear too quickly to be of use as a filler). It has a very low risk of reaction and typically lasts 10 months. There are different formulations for fine lines, deep lines and lips. The ranges that we use are Restylane and Emervel which have over 10 million treatments worldwide and are recognised to be very low in side effects or adverse reactions.

Botulinum Toxin.

These are used to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes – such as crows’ feet and frown lines. We get these because the muscles we use to express ourselves gently pull on the skin.  When we were 5 years old our skin was beautifully elastic. As we get older this elasticity is lost and the skin wrinkles like a concertina. Carefully sited, tiny amounts of Botulinum Toxin can weaken specific muscles to reduce their pull on the skin and with it lessen the wrinkles.
As a rule these are very well tolerated and produce amazing results in the right individuals.

There are a number of brands of Botulinum Toxin available in the UK. Because the ones we use are licenced prescription medicines the advertising rules prevent us from naming the brands we use.

They can also be used to control excessive sweating in the armpits (axillae) and even the hands and feet. and typically they last for 3 months before the effects start to wear off, although some find they last longer than this.


Botulinum Toxin injections can also be used to control excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarms.


.Chemical Peels

We have been using the obagi system chemical peels for a number of years and supply a range of Obagi skin care products.

The team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, along with a quotation of costs and timescales for the agreed procedure please call 0116 2847999 .